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Pricing (and why you’ve just got to own it!)

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2019

As we all know, engaging in conversations with prospects can be extremely nerve-racking. 

Sure, things start out just fine! You’ve got this amazing product or service that you love to talk about, and you know beyond a doubt, that what you are offering could be the perfect solution to a major pain point your prospect has! You’ve truly got them on the edge of their seat! 

But in the back of your mind, you know it’s coming… 

That question...THEE question.

“How much does this cost?”

And before you’ve even told them your actual price, you’ve already let spill a whole laundry list of ways that you are ready to undercut, undercharge, and undervalue it!

It’s official. When it comes to pricing, you are your own worst enemy!

I get it. Who doesn’t get uncomfortable talking about money? (! That’s who! But I’ve had a little practice!) It can be a majorly touchy subject, and unless you have some sort of crystal ball hanging around, you truly have no idea how this conversation is going to end. 

‘What if they are shocked? Appalled, even? What if they just get up and leave?’

While it’s not likely that they will just get up and leave, it’s true that you simply have no control over how they might react to your prices. But there IS one thing you can control… 

And that’s YOU! 

Your new number one goal in business is to make sure YOU are comfortable, and confident with the price of your product. (So stop sweating, take a deep breath, shake it off and just relaaaaax!)

Pricing isn’t just an arbitrary number you pull out of thin air, and it definitely shouldn’t be tied to fear of a customer’s objections (or downright rejection). Every person's perceptions surrounding money are going to be extremely different based on their experiences.

You and I could look at the same pair of $45 shoes, and you might think “Wow! What a steal!” while I might be thinking, “No way! That’s highway robbery!”

Ready for some tough love?

What your customers value and what they are willing to pay for it - isn’t really your business. 

What you value and what you charge for it is.

So get out of your own head! (And while you’re at it, get out of your client’s head!) Stop making assumptions about what your prospect is going to think about your pricing. 

Have a firmly grounded price BEFORE you show up to the conversation, and after you’ve (confidently) shared your prices, give your prospect a chance to say ‘YES!”

Talking money and pricing is simply a fact of business, and no matter what industry you are in, or what products and services you offer, this is the one question you can bet will always come up. 

Sales conversations – especially when it comes to how much something costs - may seem like it will never get easier. But I promise this is one of those cases where practice really does make perfect!

Watch this weeks video to learn:

  • How to set prices YOU are comfortable sharing.
  • How to use a script to help you stay confident. 
  • When to bring up pricing in conversation with your prospects. 

Want some help with your homework from this weeks video? Share your new script in the Time to Profit Facebook Group, and let’s work together to get you talking money and pricing with ease!


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