How to ask engaging questions to multiply your sales
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How to ask engaging questions to multiply your sales

clients conversations sales Oct 18, 2019

Have you ever been in a conversation where all the other person talked about was themselves?

How invested would you say you were in that conversation?

Chances are, the more they talked, the more easy it became to tune them out. 

Now consider the last sales conversation you had. Who was the focus on? Your potential client/customer? Or you and your offering?

In sales, it is easy to jump into monologue mode, listing off every last fact and feature of your product or service in an effort to convince your prospective buyer of their need. But these one-sided sales conversations aren’t winning you clients! 

So what’s the easiest way truly engage with your potential client or customer? Ask questions about them!

Asking thoughtful questions signals you care, and that you aren’t just there to push an agenda on them. It shows that you want to hear from them what it is they really want or need, before offering a solution. 

Tune in to this week’s video to learn:

  • How asking questions can influence a customer’s behavior. 
  • Which questions to ask to create engagement and connection in your conversations.
  • How to use thoughtful questions to reframe a problem or buying decision.
  • How to use what you learn to effectively create your proposal.

Pssst! Don’t forget to grab your copy of my cheat sheet 5 Questions To Ask To Multiply Your Sales to help you go deeper into your questions and brainstorm some compelling questions you can ask at every stage of the process. 

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