Have you been overselling your product or service
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Have you been overselling your product or service?

presenting profit sales Sep 19, 2019

So you’ve got this fabulous product or service that you just know is the solution to the problems your potential client or customer is currently facing. 

You’ve been practicing your pitch, and putting in the research, 

you know your offering inside and out. 

After all, you can never be too prepared.

...or can you?

Don’t get me wrong! It’s important to be passionate about your product or service, and you definitely want to be well-versed in its benefits. But rattling off every single fact or feature can quickly lead your prospect to feel overwhelmed or worse yet, disinterested.

It just so happens that this is one of the most common issues that arise when working with my clients in their businesses. 

It’s called overselling.

Your prospect has likely already made their decision long before you stopped (or even started) talking! The rest is just unwelcome distraction.

So how do you give each potential client or customer the right amount of information? How can you tailor each conversation to include only what is relevant and meaningful to the individual you are talking to?

In this week's video, I share how you can simplify your product or service presentation (while still appealing to the fact-finders out there)!

Tune in to learn: 

  • How to discern which messages are key when presenting  your product or service.
  • How overselling is actually causing doubt in your sales conversations
  • How to identify when to go deeper into the details 

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