When it comes to sales - Is more really better?
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When it comes to sales - Is more really better?

productivity profit sales Aug 15, 2019

When sitting down to plan out your super productive workday, chances are you already have a few numbers in mind. 

The number of calls you have to make. 

The number of emails you have to send. 

The number of cups of coffee you’re going to need to consume in order to get all of this done...

You call it #goals. 

(But I call B.S.)

To me, these numbers are nothing but arbitrary activity quotas – obligations we set for ourselves in the hopes that busyness will somehow translate to business. 

And I get it! In theory, this should work. The more I sew, the more I reap, right? Therefore, t number of sales calls made should be in direct proportion to the number of customers I win!

But sales math doesn’t always work like that. 

Not every cold call is created equal and not every prospect deserves a proposal.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I throw around the hashtag #worklessprofitmore a lot. There’s a reason for that!

One of my favorite things to do is to help people recognize for themselves which opportunities and activities are actually going to be moving the needle in their business, and how they can eliminate a lot of unnecessary tasks, simply by making a conscious decision to focus their efforts on a few select areas. 

Hint: Dialing for dollars is not one of those areas.

Friend, you did not sign up to be a telemarketer... It’s emotionally taxing, and its ROI is dismal (at best). 

In sales, you need to keep those spirits high, as the level of energy you bring to a conversation will directly affect how your prospects hear you.

I cannot think of a faster way to lose all hope and motivation than to spend hours of your time, every day, calling people who are simply not qualified, not interested, and if you’re being totally honest (which we are)not really the right fit for a potential client! 

Set yourself and your business up for success - be discerning about where you are spending time and energy!

In this week's video, I hope to squash this myth that “more is better” when it comes to sales! I'm sharing all my tips and tricks for knowing how and where to invest your precious time in order to increase your sales (and save your sanity).

Watch to learn:

  • How to use the contacts you already have (AKA reintroduce yourself to your warm list.)
  • How to increase conversions, not conversations.
  • How to define a smaller, more focused group of prospects (plus, how to effectively get in front of said prospects)!


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