Are your assumptions getting in the way of winning clients?
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You Know What They Say About Assumptions...

profit sales Sep 11, 2019

We need to talk.

If you’ve ever received a text with these 4 words, you will know the anxiety dread that ensues. 

What have I done? Am I in trouble? (Are they breaking up with me?) 

Immediately you enter panic mode. That fight or flight response within you is already busy putting up walls and your mind is rehearsing what you will say to defend yourself during the personal attack you’re envisioning. 

But… how can you be so sure this person isn’t just reaching out to rave about the latest box office hit because you share their taste in movies?




  1.   a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.


To assume is human. It’s completely natural and even helpful in cases where self-defense is concerned. 

But how often have incorrect assumptions negatively impacted the way you interact with those around us? 

Consider the effect these assumptions have on the sales process – Is it possible they’re limiting your ability to listen and effectively engage with potential clients or customers? 

In this week’s video, I dive into the role that assumptions play in the sales process. 


Tune in as I share:

  • How assumptions hurt your sales 
  • The psychology behind assumptions and how to recognize when they are running the show.
  • How to go from constantly convincing to genuine curiosity about your potential client or customer’s needs, wants, goals, objections, and budgets.
  • How to effectively retrain your brain and use assumptions to increase sales and win more clients instead.

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