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Time to Profit provides online and in-person sales training to help you win more clients. 

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Hi - I'm Christy

I help small business owners and consultants create impactful sales strategies and strengthen their sales skills so they can generate consistent revenue and scale their business.

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Quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily checklists to simplify your sales process. With a sales planning guide to focus your efforts and keep you on track. Expert insights to keep you moving forward, having fun and making sales.

Are you frustrated that your marketing efforts are stalling and revenue is inconsistent?

Do you feel discouraged waiting for the phone to ring and customers to find you? 

Is your current hesitation around sales slowing the growth of your business?  

Not having a rock-solid strategy coupled with sales savvy may be costing you thousands of dollars in lost revenue - not to mention hundreds of hours in time.


"It is hard to find a sales coach that has actually "sold!" Well, we found her and lucked out. We are experiencing excellent business coaching and personal growth working with Christy. Can't wait to see the bottom line!"

Joe Peterson
Owner | JPI Insurance

"Christy is impressively astute and a whiz with numbers. She is very easy to talk to; kind, patient and empathetic. Through our work, I realized that the status quo will not get me where I want to go. Reaching big goals and evolving a business model isn’t an accident, but takes a specific plan, thoughtful steps, and getting down and dirty with the numbers and sometimes hard truths."

Katy Roberts
Owner | Vows Wedding Planning & Design

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